How would you like to earn 46%-50% every month and do a few thousand dollars of business each month?  Would that increase your profit margin on your other sales? 
Would it help your pocketbook?  You bet it would.  You can do it with fund raisers.  That is how Earl Goff Jr. of Massachusetts does it and he's been a Fuller dealer about 50 years.  His fund raisers average $2000 each.  He designed the original fundraising brochure which we have updated (hardcopy at ).

Whether it’s the local Little League with dreams of new uniforms, or the High School Band with hopes of attending the Rose Bowl Parade, most organizations need all the money they can get. You can help organizations like these reach their financial goals by hosting a Fuller Brush Fund Raiser.


1. NECESSITIES: People in the community will be happy to support a Fuller Brush Fund Raiser because the products we offer are products they have to have. We have a better alternative than selling overpriced candy that no one really wants. Whether the potential customer has clothes to wash, a house to clean, or a body to pamper, Fuller Brush has the perfect product to fill the need. As a result - our products are easy to sell.

2. QUALITY: Since 1906, Fuller Brush has used only the best raw materials to produce our products. And EVERY Fuller Brush product is fully guaranteed! The Company and our Distributors stand behind every product 100%. If a customer is not totally satisfied with something they’ve purchased, they can exchange it or receive a full refund - no questions asked!

3. COMPETITIVE PRICES: Everyone loves a bargain, and each Sales Brochure is packed with special prices that offer savings of up to 50%! Fund Raising customers will appreciate receiving their money’s worth for each product they purchase, while they show support for the organization’s cause.

4. A RISK FREE PROJECT: Fuller Brush offers quality products, competitively priced, that people need daily. Fuller Brush products won’t melt or spoil like candybars or cookies, and are backed 100% by the Fuller Brush guarantee.


 As a Fuller Brush Distributor, you’ll be supporting your community by helping local organizations reach their financial goals.

 By following up with those customers who purchased from the organization after the Fund Raiser is complete, you’ll increase your customer base - which means incremental sales for you!

Example: The average organization has at least 20 members. If those 20 people each get sales on the books from only six people, that’s 120 customers you’ll add to your
customer base. But to take that one step further, if those customers only purchase $10.00 worth of Fuller Brush products, you’ll gain $1200 in sales!

  • Start out small to build a track record and references.  (Home Parties are good practice.)  Are one of the groups that you or a family member are associated with already doing fund raisers?  You can do a Fuller Fund Raiser for them in a number of ways.  Hand them one of the sample Fundraising letters and the Fundraising brochure.  Photocopy your business card in the bottom right corner of the letter. You are free to vary the commission you offer them, and to revise this letter to fit your plans, but be sure to keep enough so that you make money too. That's what you're in business for. Examine the Marketing Plan Commission Schedule to determine just how much the products will cost you at various volumes, and keep that in mind when offering organizations their percentage. You can always go up if they say 20% isn’t enough. Increase their percentage as your percentage increases. You should still earn 15% or more as a Manager. Using sale catalogs rather than Master catalogs allows you to do a practically new fundraising program for the same group every other month.  Have a Master Catalog on hand in case someone asks for a specific item.  Repeat orders can either be yours or the group's on-going fund
    raiser [we recommend a required monthly minimum].  You and the group should decide beforehand.   Keep in mind that this will cost you some time and money up front to get it rolling; they will expect you to provide the catalogs unless they sign up as a dealer themselves.

SIGN THEM UP. If they want more money, tell them to join as a distributor and let them handle the paperwork of ordering and getting catalogs. If the group joins as a
 distributor, they fill out a regular distributor application with their federal ID# and a contact person signs it. The group’s name goes on the first line, and the contact person signing it goes on the “spouse” line.

POTENTIAL PROSPECTS: Make a list of potential organizations in your community who may be interested in raising extra funds - or better yet, start your fund raising activities with an organization to which you belong.  Tell your kids to tell their group leaders that their parents help groups to do fundraising.

  • HIGH SCHOOLS/PAROCHIAL OR PRIVATE SCHOOLS: Band, Chorus, Home Economics Class (FHA), Student Council, Various H.S. Clubs (French, Drama, Debate), Athletic Programs
  • YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS: Brownies/Cub Scouts, Girl/Boy Scouts, Little League
  • ADULT ORGANIZATIONS: Parent Teacher Association, Band/Athletic Boosters, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Jaycees, Business and Professional Women’s Club, Church Groups
  •     I stumbled across an easy fundraiser.  Someone in Alabama just wanted to buy products at a discount for their church and sell at retail to church members to raise money.  They bought a dozen each of a bunch of different brushes to start off, and then placed subsequent orders. 

SET UP A TIME TO MEET WITH THE GROUP. Perhaps you could attend their next scheduled meeting.


1. Provide them with catalogs for their membership to take home and collect orders from Friends and Family and Co-workers, or Neighborhood Canvassing.

2. Through a mailing to club members.

3. Flea Market.

4. Set up a special Fundraising presentation at one of their meetings.  A copy of a QVC Fuller product demonstration video makes an excellent presentation of how Fuller Brush products will save them time and money, if you have access to a TV and VCR.  Otherwise you'll have to do an oral presentation of the products. You should have samples of most items in the sale catalog if possible.  This is basically a big home party.

5. Look for groups that are having a Fundraising bean supper or the like, or any other get-together, and tell them "I'm from Fuller Brush and we help groups do fund raisers. 
Since you will have a crowd anyway, I could set up a Fuller Brush table with no extra effort or organizing on your part, just tell people about us, and you keep 20% of the sales."  Make sure the group is going to promote and announce you so that people don't just wonder why you're there.



Contact the local radio, television, and newspaper offices and let them know the dates of and the purpose of the fund raiser. Most local media will want to support the local high school, church, or civic organization in their fund raising efforts with free publicity. Have a contact person in the organization who is willing to accept orders by phone. Provide the media with the person’s name and telephone number.

Home Parties are very successful because they can bring you an average of $300 in sales per party.  A fundraiser can bring you $2000-$3000 per event.


  • Monthly Sales Brochures
  • Depending on the length of the Fund Raiser, you may want to provide both a current and future brochure to each member who has made a commitment to support the fund raiser. After all, the last two weeks of the month, you can order from this and next month’s specials.
  • Master Catalog
  • While the sales brochure offers a wide variety of products, there is a chance that a customer might need a product not featured in the current brochure. By providing the leader of the organization with a master catalog, club members can tell the customer they will check to see if the requested item is still available.
  • Customer Receipts
  • You can use the normal customer receipt book, or the organization may wish to design their own, complete with their groups name and fund raising goal. This can be done inexpensively and effectively if the group has access to a computer and photocopy machine.


Depending on the size of the organization, the above supplies can be quite costly. Some distributors pass that cost on to the Fund Raiser, requiring the group to foot the bill or share in the expense. Others collect a delivery charge from each customer order and apply it to the shipping and handling charged by the Company to process the order.

Unless you have a credit card to place your product order, you will need to collect as much money up front as possible.  You will need a partner to make out sales receipts at the meeting.  Arrange a delivery time at the group's next meeting if possible.  You may need to be flexible about the best arrangements to make with each type of group. It's your business. Be innovative and make it work.


  • Keep Good Records
  • Some business expenses associated with running a Fuller Brush Fund Raiser may be tax deductible. Check with your state to determine its policies toward Independent Contractors.

Document the earnings received by the Organization from you - otherwise those dollars could be viewed as your taxable income by the IRS.


  • Collect from the group all customer receipts.
  • Follow up with each customer by phone.
  • Introduce yourself as the Fuller Brush Distributor in the area.

 Thank them for supporting the fund raising drive.

  • Ask them if the merchandise arrived in good condition and if they are happy with their purchase.
  • Look for repeat sales.
  • Example: Mrs. Allen, I noticed you purchased a can of Stain Spray. That product goes on special next week for only $X.00. Would you like me to reserve a few cans for you at that price?

Here is another option for fundraisers.  Groups could show the catalogs around and collect orders, but they may not want to be concerned with keeping track of all those orders. Kids selling useless overpriced candy bars to people on diets still sell them because they deliver on the spot – simple and easy.  How about making up personalized gift certificates on your computer in $10 denominations and selling those (“S&H and Tax not included”).  It may be a good idea to number them so that you and the group can better keep track of who has which certificates, and avoid counterfeiting. Maybe have an authorizing signature too. But, for the sake of time productivity, the participants should be able to deliver the certificate on the spot when they collect the money. The fundraising participants could have a catalog to show around, or not. You could give them a supply of the Master Catalogs, telling them you need any leftovers back. The buyers contact you (and come to you?) to buy the products with those certificates. The certificates need your name, address, and phone #, plus the fact that it is a fundraising project for that group – scouts, church, little league team, etc.)  The group buys them from you at 20% off (or more if volume is large – work it out with the group). You will need local business credibility and experience if you expect a group to trust you enough to sell your gift certificates.  This would work best if you are involved in local sales to make these new customers profitable for you in repeat sales and immediate delivery.  If the orders need to be delivered by Fuller Direct, the certificates would also need to mention “Mail order shipping charges extra”, which may not work out as well. If you want to charge a local handling charge to cover the 8% shipping charge to you, mention that, or just absorb it between you and the group, mentioning “Free local handling charge with this certificate”. The certificate COULD say “Merchandise to be ordered and picked up from [your address]. Give the new customer their own Master Catalog when they order (coupon could also mention free catalog with order), and if you are selling at the Master Catalog prices, you could better absorb some shipping costs, since many items you order would be on sale. Give them a sale catalog at a later date, for repeat sales.  If you have a business affiliation like the Chamber of Commerce, that would also be a help to include on the certificate.  This is something that YOU would need to be able to do on your computer.  Think everything through before contacting potential organizations, so that you will be prepared to answer any questions professionally.

 Some people will buy them as gifts as well as for themselves.  If your group only sells 100 of them, that's $1000 volume for you and they would make $200-$250.  Find out how much money the group wants to raise and TELL them how many gift certificates they NEED to sell.  If they want to raise $1000 at 25%, that would be $4000 volume for you, and 50-55% commission is possible.  Recruit and get your whole group doing this, and you'll not only advance to Director - YOU will have a bunch of new downline Directors.


$10. Value    (sample certificate)    $10. Value   #223



Thank you for your support with our Church Fundraiser. Instead of something overpriced and fattening, we offer quality economical merchandise that has been an American Tradition since 1906.  Hairbrushes - unique household cleaning brushes - brooms - mops - cleaning supplies - personal care - car care - gift items.  We receive a percentage of all sales of these Fuller Brush

Gift Certificates, redeemable from .

Catalog & Merchandise may be ordered and picked up there with this certificate, or call re: delivery.  S&H and Sales Tax extra.

Authorizing Signature:



Sample letters you can use or edit:




Would you like to sell something other than the same old products that everyone else is selling?    Products that aren't overpriced just to provide your mark-up?    Over 300 Quality products at a good price that nearly everyone buys anyway, and from a company that everyone has heard of and trusts - since 1906!

The FULLER BRUSH Fundraising Program has various options.  We can provide catalogs for you to collect orders from.  We can also give a video presentation of the products at one of your meetings, provided your membership is expecting a Fuller Brush Fund Raiser.  If you are having a fundraising dinner or other meeting, we can set up a Fuller Brush table and collect orders.  If you don’t want to handle products, we can also have the products shipped directly to each person (shipping is $7.95).

Our normal commission offered is 20% with a $2 handling charge per any size order charged to the customer, or 25% commission if over $1000.  We package each individual order.  Orders are grouped by the month and must be placed with me by the 25th of each month that you wish to participate.  Negotiable is higher commissions on large volume sales and earning residuals on repeat orders.  We also need at least most orders paid in advance for us to send our price into the Fuller Brush Company with our order.

We can also help you to register with the Company yourselves for higher commissions if you decide on regular fundraisers, which also gets you a free e-commerce sales website directly from the Company that you can link to from your own website. Fuller handles the orders.

I look forward to helping you make money in a program where people won't feel obligated to buy something overpriced, unwanted, or unneeded.  Thank you for your time.

                               Sincerely yours,







   The Fuller Brush Company has been in business for over 100 years selling quality hair brushes and cleaning products. They are an old-fashioned company that you and your customers can trust. Every single one of their items comes with a complete, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Chances are that if you have never bought any of their products, your mother did!

   Fuller Brush now has a great way for your group to raise funds by selling their products. For all of you out there that have struggled through the administration of traditional fund raisers, you will love Fuller's no-work approach. Check out the many reasons why you should consider selling Fuller Brush Products.

  • Over 200 Quality Products that people use everyday
  • Well known old fashioned company name
  • Fast set-up
  • Your customers can order by phone, mail, or on the web
  • No compiling or processing group orders
  • Fuller Brush will ship directly to your customers
  • No worry over collecting money from customers
  • Easy to administrate
  • Almost no money needed up front
  • Easy to operate as a continuing fundraiser year round
  • How is this all possible?

   It's easy. Through a program called "Fuller Direct" the Fuller Brush Company does all of the administration for you. When you sell through this program, all you need to do is distribute catalogs to your members and their friends. They place orders directly with Fuller Brush using an 800 number and their credit card. You can also refer your customers
to the website with your Fuller ID#. Fuller ships the items directly to your customers. Each month Fuller mails your organization a check. That's it! Your only expenses are a start-up kit (Free to $39.95) and catalogs.  By joining as a Fuller Brush affiliate yourself, you can more than double our normal 20% commission offered. The best part is that everyone already uses cleaning products; we just have better and easier products to accomplish those duties. There isn't any "selling" involved.

   Of course, you also have the option of grouping orders and having them delivered to your headquarters to economize on shipping costs.

   I look forward to helping you make money in a program where people won't feel obligated to buy something overpriced, unwanted, or unneeded.  Thank you for your time.


                               Sincerely yours,





Hello, I am an independent distributor for The Fuller Brush Company. Let me tell you a little about our company.

In 1906, a young man from Nova Scotia, began his dream of an enterprise that has now become known worldwide as The Fuller Brush Company.  In his sister's Massachusetts home, frustrated by inferior brushes made to quickly wear out, young Alfred C Fuller set out to make, in his own words: "…the best products of their kind in the world."

The Fuller Brush Company has grown from one man's dream, filled with very unique custom-made brushes, to a collection of home/business care and personal care products crafted with the same precision and quality that have made the Fuller Brush name through the years welcomed everywhere.  Fuller Brush, from the beginning, has established three basic rules:

  • 1. Design it to work!
  • 2. Craft it to last!
  • 3. Guarantee it!
  • We offer over 200 everyday products through the Fuller Brush Company, including:
  •   Household Cleaning Aids
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Polishes & Wax Products
  • Cotton & Synthetic Mops
  • Floor Brushes & Brooms
  • Stainless Steel Sponges
  • Twisted Wire Brushes & Swabs
  • Personal Care Brushes & Hairbrushes
  • Hair Care Aids
  • Holiday Giftables
  •   And much, much more.
  • I am interested in helping your organization with a fun fundraiser. You can earn a few hundred to a few thousand dollars with our fundraisers.  With very little work on your part, your organization will receive 20% of the sales if under $1000, and 25% on the sales if over $1000, with potential for more.

Any questions or comments, please give us a call. I look forward to helping you make money in a program where people won't feel obligated to buy something overpriced, unwanted, or unneeded.  Thank you for your time.

                               Sincerely yours,


Fuller Brush entered the 21st Century with a great new and simple fundraising program. Individuals and groups may now register as a Fuller Brush web affiliate for FREE. Simply publicize the secure e-commerce website with your ID#, and YOU receive credit for the sale. For your security, people MUST have your valid ID# to even enter the fullerdirect website.  Check out the website with our ID# above to see the products and exactly what your website will look like.  This website was upgraded in 2003 to offer your customers BOTH Fuller Brush products, AND Stanley Home Products, with many monthly special sale prices to also save your members money.

Completely hands-off; no catalogs, no order taking, no order processing, no inventory to handle, no minimum orders or quotas, products shipped direct to the customer. Customers order on the web, by toll-free telephone, or mail. Fuller Brush will send you a monthly check for your commission and a list of your customers and their order size.

Some fundraising group comments: "This is great; our church needs new fundraising ideas and avenues, but I don't want to turn our Sunday mornings into a catalog and product commerce center; we come here to get away from regular business, but this sounds terrific. This is a simple way to make an honest buck. We can tell our members and friends that if they need any of your 300 products, buy the Fuller Brush brand through us, and we earn money towards our fundraising budget. A small newsletter notice or website link would suffice. If we make a lot, or if we make a little, it's still more than zero. We don't even have to know what we're doing; Fuller handles everything. Products that people can use are better than selling overpriced candy bars to people on diets."

We have over 300 products in the Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products lines that your members actually USE everyday. You make money in a program where people won't feel obligated to buy something overpriced, unwanted, or unneeded. We have environmentally-conscious cleaning products, specialty cleaning brushes, brooms and mops, and a wide variety of personal care and cosmetic products. We will also provide you with a log-in button with YOUR ID# already encoded to place on your organization website. Your members can add a signature line to their emails to help spread the word. The possibilities are limitless!

Your sales may be anywhere in the US. All products have the Fuller unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Commission percentage varies according to monthly volume, up to 46% ($46 profit on a $100 order). Average commission on sales of $100-$200 per month would be about 30%.  $750 per month brings you up to 44%!  Of course, we will also help guide you toward success. As an affiliate, you may also order wholesale direct with your ID# from Fuller customer service for your cleaning supplies or other needs. If you so choose, you may also distribute catalogs in the continental US with your ID# for mail and toll-free phone ordering to those without web access, with your customers also ordering via Fuller Direct. If you have other branches or chapters that want their own fundraising registration, you can earn referral commissions.

Note: IRS regulations require that Organizations provide their Federal Tax ID# and the name of a contact person.

I'd be happy to meet or talk with you to discuss this program. It is FREE. JOIN and check it out.



     The easiest avenue for fundraising is setting an organization as an official web affiliate with their own website and Fuller sending them their commission directly. Sometimes that is not feasible or easily workable. They may not have a federal ID#, may not want to do internet sales, or may just be a group of kids or adults who want to pass out catalogs and collect orders. They also want a decent commission, comparable to the commission on over-priced candy bars.

     The advantage of Fuller Brush is that we have products that the customers will actually find useful, and are not buying just out of feeling that they HAVE TO (that means larger orders). The standard commission that we offer groups like that, when we handle the order processing, is 20%. After all, the distributor offering this program and placing the orders has to make something for his/her time too. Larger orders over $1000/month might be negotiated for a higher commission – talk to your representative. You can also earn REPEAT sales as customers come back for more. How often do they ask you for more candy???  We have many groups that are satisfied with 20%, but some want more. However, our 20% CAN BE much more than that.

     Fuller Brush has TWO sets of retail prices. We have a Master Catalog with full suggested retail prices. We also have monthly specials. The 20% comes off the specials pricing; if you sold everything using just the master catalog & suggested prices, you’d earn much more. If you place the orders near the end of the month, you will have TWO months of specials available. Not everything you sell will be on sale each time, but 16+ catalog pages of products will be on sale each month.

Here are some examples of popular sellers, with the REAL profit on 20% of sale price [8/09 prices].

#119806 Wet Mop, reg $19.99, sale $16.99, 20% of sale price=$3.40, total profit $6.40 = 32% profit.

#101 Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper, reg $62.99, sale $52.99, 20%=$10.60, total profit $20.60 = 32% profit.

#139824 Treated Dustmop, reg $24.99, sale $19.99, 20% = $4, total profit $9 = 36% profit.

Brooms, reg $24.99, sale $19.99, 20%=$4, total profit $9 = 36% profit.

Premium Beechwood Natural bristle hairbrushes, reg $39.99, sale $32.99, 20%=$6.60, total = $13.60 = 34%.

Laundry Stain Spray, reg $8.99, sale $6.99, 20%=$1.40, total profit $3.40 = 37% profit.

Fulsol Degreaser gallon, reg $20.99, sale $16.99, 20%=$3.40, total profit $7.40 = 35% profit.


A 100+year-old American Tradition can make you a Fantastic Fun Fundraising partner!

Please Join us.

FB-DWT 8/09


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